Hayabusa (pronounced hi-ya-boo-sa) translated from Japanese refers to the Peregrine Falcon. This predatory bird is recognized for its speed, agility and ability to strike its prey with fierce precision. The iconic falcon is the symbolic representation of what every fighter strives to achieve - victory through the perfect fusion of technical accuracy, speed, power and strength. Those who possess the relentless passion to transform their physical selves into the ultimate weapon define the true spirit of a fighter - this is Hayabusa. Rooted in Japanese tradition, Hayabusa Inc. excels in their strict commitment to perfection. Because of this unyielding motivation to produce only the very best MMA equipment and apparel, Hayabusa has earned the reputation among the MMA community as an industry leader trusted by the top fighters in the game. Every piece of equipment and apparel is created for one sole purpose - to maximize a fighters’ performance. When you own a Hayabusa product, feel proud for you have chosen wisely.

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Especializada em Jiu Jitsu Wear. Revendedor no Brasil das marcas Maeda, Kingz, Hayabusa, Bull Terrier, Gameness, Tatami Fightwear, Moya Brand, Gawakoto, Break Point, Scramble, Manto, Meerkatsu entre outras.

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